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I have been an international student in Australia (visa subclass 573) since Feb 2016 and completed my course on 1 December. My student visa expires in March 2018.

I have been given to understand that I can remain in Australia until my student visa expires.

However, I would like to return home briefly before returning to Australia to apply for post study work visa (subclass 485).

Will I be allowed to re-enter Australia in late Jan 2018 on my current student visa?

a) according to Home Affairs, i 'completed' my course on the day I fulfiled the requirements for the award of my degree - Dec 1.
If my CoE finishes on 31 Dec, does completing my course on the 1st Dec constitute completing my course "early", leading to cancellation of my CoE?

b) If I haven't been notified yet that my CoE has been cancelled, can I take it to mean it will finish naturally (vs being cancelled for completing early)

c) Does that mean my visa "would not be considered for cancellation (or breaching condition 8202) for three months after completing my course"?
(Home Affairs/ Completing Course Early)

d) Then (it would seem I have a valid visa until at least Feb 2018), can I travel abroad and re-enter during this time?
Or if I were to travel abroad, does that forbid me from returning on my current student visa? I worry that returning on my student visa next year, even though it was granted until Mar 2018 with multiple entries allowed until this time, will be in violation of condition 8202 under which it was granted (continued studies).

e) How long do I have to apply for a new visa?
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