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Hoping someone can provide me with some advice. I am applying for a renewal of my RRV to Australia (from London), and received a letter from Dept of Immi to provide them with evidence on;

1. Other Requirements ("Please provide statement addressing reasons for not residing in Australia and evidence of substantial ties that are of benefit to Australia")

2. Substantial Ties of Benefit to Australia

Within my application, I did attach a 6 page word document which included a personal statement as well as non-certified copies of my Birth Certificate and parents passports (both Citizens) and copies of their Australian citizenship. In the word document I addressed Australia being my long term and intended permanent residence and compelling reasons for my absence. I've been able to successfully renew with the same documents previously.

I've included some details on my personal circumstance below but wonder if anyone has had same experience, and/or whether I would benefit from seeking the advice of a migration agent. Part of me does wonder whether they have seen the attachment to the application (I checked that it did upload). I've successfully renewed the RRV visa each year for the past 4 or 5 years with similar documentation provided each time. Not sure if they are now just looking for the documents to be certified, etc?

- Permanent resident since 1984
- Formative years in Australia (including School and University)
- Lived abroad in London, UK since 2000
- Substantial ties including parents in Australia (only child), God Children
- Regular visits to Australia (once or twice a year)
- Investment into parents house during 2018 (of $50k)
- Long term home is Australia (expect to return within next few years)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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