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When I filled in the details for my partner visa application online , I got stuck on page 4 and unable go to next page ,also this error showed up :

"The applicant is unable to complete an application for this visa. This could be due to one or more of the following reasons:
- a previous visa cancellation or refusal; or
- the applicant does not hold an appropriate visa; or
- a condition on the current visa held by the applicant; or
- the applicant's location cannot be confirmed; or
- the applicant is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.
Please review the information on the department's website about eligibility for this type of application."

I have no idea what's going on bcoz I don't think I m under those conditions.I went to immigration dept in Darwin the next day and see if they can help.Finally they find out it's causing by my HAP ID .

When I applied for working holiday visa I have my 1st HAP ID.However ,I creat another HAP ID for my partner visa by mistake.Two HAP ID under my name confused the computer system that's why I got stuck.I appreciate that the staff in immigration dept is very helpful.He helped me merge the two accounts and I can submit my application on time.

So just remind you guy don't do such stupid thing like me ,creat TWO account
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