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Hi guys!

I am new to this forum, and I hope you can help me with this tricky shipping/ visa question! :)

I'm a Dane on my way to join my Australian partner in Sydney in 2 weeks time on a tourist visa. We've lived together in Denmark for 1,5 years, and he had to return to Aus for work Sep 2017, while I had to stay in Denmark for work reasons.

We're planning to apply for a defacto visa once I arrive. (We've been in daily contact since he left for Aus and have seen each other both in Italy and in Aus in the meantime.)

Now, we want to ship some of our belongings from Denmark to Australia, but unfortunately, it seems we have passed the time frame of my partner being able to import them without having to pay GST and duty. It seems it can only be done within 6 months from entering and registering in Australia, so we've long since passed that date.

We thought to ship it and pay duty and GST anyway, since it isn't worth much but to us it has sentimental value. But as I understand from the shipping company, it can be difficult to estimate how much GST and duty will be, even if our stuff isn't really valuable (and I would make a value estimate of each separate object), we could get charged with a lot more than 15% of its current value by customs.

They recommended we wait with shipping until I get my visa in order.

But, as we're applying for defacto from a tourist visa, that might take a while!

Does anyone know if it is possible to import the goods in my name, once I get a bridging visa? (As it's not allowed to import goods on a tourist visa).

Then the goods would fit within the time frame of importing personal goods, since I will apply within the 3 months tourist visa, and supposedly the succesful defacto application will trigger a bridging visa, if I understand it correctly.

As I understand it, I don't have to be a permanent resident to ship personal goods such as furniture, but I guess I can't be a tourist either!

Does anyone know when shipping is allowed, visa-wise?

Thanks so much in advance!
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