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Shopify Expert Bootcamp: Learn how to work for yourself

This is the first course I have actually completed! very helpful and build confidence and an actual track on where and how to start :

more then have way into this course and I have to say its one off the best courses about Shopify, I actually bought many courses and never learned so much like in this one.. I definitely recommend this course to any one who wants to dive more in dept about shopify.


Learn how to start making over $75/hour!

Learn the basics that you need to quickly get started as a Shopify Freelancer and start making money!

We will be going over:
– Setting up your Shopify Partner Account (for easy management of all your clients and to test out stores and products)
– Charging a commission for setting up a store with Shopify
– Overview of the Shopify Store Dashboard (how to assist your clients with any needs or questions they might have)
– Learn to design your store so it is easy to set up
– How to set up a highly converting Shopify Store of your clients (learn the industry secrets of highly converting stores)
– Putting together the store (where to start when given a project)
– Learn the basics of Liquid and how to make changes to the code (even if you have no coding experience)
– How to find clients
– Managing communication with your clients
– Outsourcing and hiring additional help

More and more businesses are going online and taking advantage of the massive traffic and capital available on the internet.

With so many merchants, the need for Shopify Experts is constantly growing. Many small and medium size businesses are in a great need for reliable and knowledgeable individuals who can help them set up their stores and success!
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