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Hi everyone,
This is Md. Tarek Hasan. I would highly appreciate if someone can please help me in my assessment. I completed Advanced diploma in Network Security and Got advanced standing of 8 units in my Bachelor in IT degree. Now I wanna apply for assessment under Computer Network and System Engineering. Do you think my units meet 65% requirements. Here is the units I completed

Bachelor from 2014-2015
  1. Mobile Web Structures
  2. Project Management
  3. System analysis and design
  4. Software Now
  5. Human Computer Interaction Design
  6. Enterprise IT Management
  7. Business Intelligence in Knowledge Economy
  8. Network Engineering Application
  9. Network Infrastructure
  10. Statistics
  11. Project-Distributed System

    Advanced Diploma from 2012-2013
  12. Configure Network Devices and Security
  13. Develop Network Plans and Security
  14. Design and Implement Information Technology Security
  15. IT Fundamentals
  16. Network Essentials
  17. Network Operating Systems Basics
  18. Install and Configure a Network
  19. Install Software to Networked Computers
  20. Network Troubleshooting
  21. Provide advice to clients
  22. Computer Hardware
  23. Develop and Present Feasibility Report
  24. User Network Analysis
  25. Technical Documentation
  26. Create Script for Networking
  27. Network Management Basics
  28. Built an Internet
  29. Manage Simple Projects
  30. Business and IT
  31. Mange Network Security
  32. Built and Configure a Server
  33. Network Strategy and Design
  34. Internet Basics
  35. Network Topologies
  36. Routing and Switching Basics

If you think I can't then please which catagory you think will fall under those units
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Business Analyst
  • Network Analyst
  • Network Administrator

Any help would be highly appreciated

Thank you

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But when it says, "Computer Network and System Engineer" ; does it mean it has to be 4 years Bachelor degree or 3 years is fine

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As long as its is a formal degree. I am no expert in Immigration rules, but from an IT perspective 3 year year degree is adequate. Good luck with your application.
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