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Skill assessment: relevant field of study for PhD degree

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Dear all,

Glad to find this forum about migration and PR application in Australia!

I am a PhD student in VIC in the field of environmental science, with research projects/publications focused on developing novel mathematically/statistical tools in land/agriculture/wildlife management. I aim at applying 190 visa upon graduation.

After browsing through many great existing posts (here and elsewhere e.g. expatforum), I noticed there is no discussion about how skill assessment authority (VETASSESS in my case) would judge the relevancy of an interdisciplinary research degree against one or more occupation ---- i.e. with a master by research or PhD degree with significant components of multiple fields of study (e.g. math + agriculture + spatial scientist), are we eligible for all those occupation?

According to VETASSESS website and migration agencies, it is not clear how applicant should prove that such a research degree is "suitable for the occupation in Australia" and has "the depth (progression) and breadth of study in the major"

My questions are:
1) How do we judge the eligibility of a PhD degree against multiple occupation?

2) What documents/subject transcripts/deliverable/prove should be prepared to demonstrate the relevancy of a PhD degree to one or more occupation?

Look forward to your comments and discussion!
I will continue searching relevant info and consult some agencies on this issue and keep this post updated.

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1. Check the content of your qualification against the duties disclosed by ANZSCO for likely occupations.
Good suggestion. Yet I am wondering how VETASSESS define the 'content' of PhD degree ---- do they simply assess publication/thesis contents?
Dear Phds and Drs,

I just got immigration under VIC international Phd state nomination stream (190 VISA) last year.

Please kindly know that, your PhD degree mainly contributes your eligibility for applying for state nomination, but NOT the skill assessment. The vetassess, or other authorities, usually assess your bachelor's degree, master's degree, or/and your working experience. Please contact them directly for the skill assessment requirement.

Thanks for sharing your experience!
I got the similar impression as what you suggested. I was also advised by agents to use my BSc degree and related work experience for visa 190 application. Looks like the way to go.
For a positive skills assessment from VETASSESS applicants must provide evidence of a highly relevant academic qualification and a qualifying period of highly relevant employment. In some cases if the academic qualification is not highly relevant, subsequent training and/or a further period of relevant work experience might suffice, or might not.

You are in a minefield!
VETASSESS is really vague about what 'evidences' they require for assessing a post-graduate academic qualification.
They replied my inquiry email by stating that "You will need to check the assessment criteria for each nominated occupation on our website". No explanation of what evidences are used for their*assessment. I guess you need to use the paid consultation service to get a more detailed answer.

But as Dreammer and some migration agencies mentioned, VETASSESS seems to focus on assessing bachelor's or master's degree. Maybe they tend to use coursework transcript to judge the relevancy of a degree to an occupation?

Nonetheless, if a PhD degree is qualified to an occupation, usually some years of post-PhD work experiences are needed for skill assessment. So I agree that using bachelor's or master's degree + work experience is the fastest way to go for a visa 190.

Thanks you guys for the kind replies and suggestions!
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