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Hello Friends,

I'm looking to apply from January under Skilled Migration to Australia from India. I had a few queries with some Pre migration and a few post Migration. Appreciate your response. I understand this would be to the best of your knowledge or experience and I am fine with this.

My background - I'm Into Networks Administration since the past 14 years and Work as a Manager handling large teams of 70-100 members. I have a few Technical certifications.

  1. How easy is it to get a PR Visa based on the 189 assuming i rack a score of 7 (all 3)?
  2. How soon can you get a job, considering the fact that I have Managerial experience? Does 3-14 years of experience help you get a Job easiely? Is Local Experience expected?
  3. Can someone point me to a forum section, where we have all enlisted actions that i would need to perform (checklist appreciated). I assume that ACS would be the right body to approach for skill assessment. Beyond the knowledge that IELTS needs clearing and ACS has to clear my skill I am not aware of the steps. Please advise.
  4. Considering average time taken for Visa's with all documents in place, what is the time-frame that it takes for visa Approval?
  5. Post being granted Visa, Can you start applying for rentals, Bank accounts, Employment number(something like a Social Security i mean), etc from India itself? Are Job applications accepted from India or does one have to be available in person to complete the procedure?
  6. Is one allowed in eventuality of no Jobs being offered, to seek and work under contractual, jobs where your skills are not matching (considering skill based visa approval). Can i pick a Job at a store as a Sales Manager in the while I am not getting something from my stream?
  7. Is it easy to get admission in schools there. My son is 8 years and assuming he would be 9 when we migrate.
  8. For Both parents working, what are the options for Child care post school hours? what is the cost of such services on a hourly / weekly / Monthly basis?
  9. What is the Amount that one has to reserve to settle a house, kitchen and basic necessities for living in a place like Sydney?

Appreciate and am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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You've asked a lot of very broad questions, where the answer will depend on a number of factors. I don't have experience with 189 visa, but here's what I can suggest/answer:

- start by reading the DIBP website information on 189 visa as it will tell you the steps involved..

- once you've done that, I'd suggest you search this forum by entering 189 in the search bar and you'll undoubtedly get pages and pages of threads/posts - it'll mean a lot of sifting through and reading but again you may get a lot of your questions answered. Just be aware that when reading posts that are older, some of the information may be a bit out of date.

- how easy is it to get the visa? If you meet the criteria, then it shouldn't be difficult, but you need to make sure you meet the criteria first.

- how easy is it to get a job? That depends on a lot of factors - where you relocate to, the local market, how well your background meets the needs of the employers, how well you interview, etc.

- once your visa is approved, you should be able to arrange rentals from overseas although some may want local references. Bank account may be able to arranged through affiliated banks from overseas. Tax File Number (similar to social security number) can usually only be applied for from within Australia.

- once your visa is approved, you can work in any occupation.

I can't help you with the rest of your questions.
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