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Hi Guyz,
I am wondering if any of you can help me please. I intend to apply for Skilled Independent Visa. I am going to apply for ACS but I am not sure whether I am in good position to score enough for my visa.
I started working as an application developer in 01/2003 in a company and was there till 06/2008. That company has been closed down now. I only have a reference letter from them which I received date 07-2008. The owner of this business is however still accessible to confirm. In July 2008 I moved to England for studying IT. I did a 6 months certificate and 6 months diploma in Computer science following an MSc .IT degree which i did in Oct-2010. While studying i was also working in an consultancy as software developer. I got another job in May -2011 and so far I am working with this company.
I have got couple of MS certifications as well. Now I am wondering if someone can reply the following points.
Is my skilled employment starting from 1st of August 2008 as 5 year of experience will be deducted on the account of pre qualification experienced?
If yes can I still get 10 points for 5 year of experience 01-2008 up till Now?
Can I claim 15 points for my MSc degree without bachelor degree because 5 year experience has been adjusted?
Is this points break down is right:
Age: 30
MSc Degree: 15
Experience: 10
State Sponsorship: 5
Total: 60
I will appreciate your help in due course.
Kind Regards,
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