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I need help/advise/suggestions regarding visit visa for my brother.

My details:
I am an Australian Permanent resident since August 2015. I am studying full time as a domestic student on scholarship and also work part-time. I am living with my family (wife and 2kids). I applied for my brother's visa online.

Problem Background:
I applied for my brother and his family (wife and 1kid) to visit us in Australia for a month. I applied for Visitor Visa subclass 600.
He is currently in Pakistan.
He does not own a property and lives in a rented house.
He does own a couple of lands (but I did not present the documents in the application)
He teaches in a private school and I provided the employment letter from his school and his payslips.
I also attached his 3months bank statement which had sufficient funds (about 600,000PKR).
His passport had previous travel visa stamps (Malaysia, Srilanka, Bangkok).
His intension to visit us is to celebrate our religious festival (expected in June 219) togather.
I applied for 3months visa with one month stay only.
He will be having his summer vacations from school (back there in Pakistan where he teaches).

Unfortunately, his visa application was rejected on the following grounds;

1.The applicant has limited employment and education commitments in Pakistan. The applicant claims to be a teacher since 2015 and I note provided evidence of employment however his indicated salary is modest, especially given the comparatively greater economic opportunities in Australia.
2. I note the applicant has provided evidence of personal funds however I have sighted large deposits made into this account and no evidence provided as to the source of these additional funds as they are inconsistent with the applicant's indicated income. Therefore I have concerns the applicant has inflated his personal account for the purpose of obtaining a visa and I find this closing balance does not accurately reflect his financial circumstances in his home country indicating weak financial ties to Pakistan.
3. The applicant has provided evidence of previous international travel history however the countries which were visited do not share a comparable set of immigration laws or framework as is established in Australia therefore providing little indication of his future compliance with visa conditions.
4. No evidence of remaining family ties to the applicant's home country have been provided therefore indicating weak social ties to Pakistan.
5. No evidence of personal immovable assets have been provided that may be beneficial to the application.

1. Can I apply for sponsored family visa for him and his family?
2. What else can I attach as evidence in order to make the application more strong?

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