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PMV application - Form 888
I have 2 witnesses (brother and cousin) that are Australian Citizens (and know our relationship from the very begining) but they live overseas (Greece).
I called the Australian Embassy there and they told me that every certified copy will cost 46 euros (i was shocked by the total amount they have to spent for this reason as they will need 4 doc certified in total :eek: )
- Can somebody tell me if there is any other way for the form and copies to be witnessed and certified, and to be accepted by the Immigration department?
- As regards the proof of Australian citizenship can they just scan the originals and e-mail me their documents? or still they have to be certified?
- And just to make sure i understood right, at the number 7 of the form (last page) where it says "Before me,..." all these boxes (till the end) are for the details of the person that is witnessing and certifying the form and the copies?
Thank you very much for your help!
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