The state of South Australia could become the place to move to in the country if new plans come to fruition to increase investment and create new jobs, it is claimed.

South Australia is not always the most obvious place for people to move to. The state's capital Adelaide has a population of just 1.6 million and international skilled professionals tend to move to bigger cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

But now in the run up to the Australian General Election in July the current Coalition Government said it will do more to boost the state to attract people not just from other parts of Australia but from around the world.


It has pledge to create 1,200 new scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational educational students to undertake studies in South Australia and this will be matched by employers offering internships that bring real world experience to their studies and provide links to real jobs after studies are completed.

The South Australian Enterprise Scholarship Programme is seen as a chance to South Australia and the country as a whole has the people and skills to deliver and make the most of Australia's defence industry plan which will see new jobs generated in new industries.

More than 15,000 new jobs have been created in South Australia since the Coalition came to Government, with more than 7,000 jobs created in 2016 and this number is set to grow in industries such as advanced manufacturing and naval ship building.

Each state in Australia publishes a list of occupation where there are shortages and are therefore eligible for visa sponsorship to attract suitably skilled and qualified workers from overseas. It is due to be updated on 04 July this year.

The South Australian government supports skilled workers from overseas through Immigration SA and it has joined with Specialist Migrant Services (SMS) to support skilled workers who bring valuable knowledge, skills and experience to the state.

Services provided by SMS include employment seminars, individualised job search support, overseas qualification assessments and assistance with trade recognition pathways.

"While skilled migrants are job seeking in their new home in South Australia, SMS can help them have their overseas qualifications assessed and provide them support to find skilled work in South Australia," said a spokesman.

"SMS can also assist employers who are experiencing difficulties in filling skilled vacancies to skills match and find suitable job ready candidates registered with the Service," he added.

He also pointed out that while state nominated skilled migrants have skills that are in demand, nomination doesn't guarantee them a job. They must compete for work with other potential employees.