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Hi, Recently I got married overseas. I came back after the wedding. Prior to the wedding she already had Visitor Visa approved for 2 months which was sponsored by her brother.

When she flew to Australia, we applied for Condition 8503 to be waived so we can apply for On Shore Partner Visa.

Before we could get an result from the minister her visa was about to expired so she flew back on time.

Now Im thinking of applying for Visa 600 as a husband and also writing as part of the application to not include condition 8503 so I can apply for on shore partner visa. What are the chances of this being accepted?

Option 2 would be to apply for Off shore Partner visa and then apply for 6 mth Visitor Visa. So at least im with her whilst the partner visa is processing.

Can someone please let me know which is most likily to work out or which would be the better option?

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