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Hi All,

i sponsored my ex wife on a PMV300 visa on 22/03/2018. After the marriage the relationship broke down and we divorced. She has returned home to her country and never got PR.

I have since remarried and my wife is in Australia on tourist visa with no 8503 condition.

Her 3 month visitor visa expires on 17/03/2023 - it’s a 3 year validity max stay 3 months and is valid until 2025.

We want to lodge an onshore partner visa. I’m worried about the 5 year rule. Since the date of sponsorship/application for my first wife was 22/03/18 do I need to wait until 22/03/23 before we lodge.

Is it risky to apply 2 weeks before the 5 years is up. We won’t have done medicals or got police checks from Hong Kong within 2 weeks of applying.

wondering if we need to reset the 3 months and leave Australia for a weekend. Not ideal but then again neither is losing the visa application fee.
Any help appreciated
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