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Spouse information in SC 189 visa

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While lodging the visa process, it asks qualification details for spouses as well. I am not claiming points for my spouse skill or so.

Can I add the distant education qualification completed?
Does all employment letters need to be presented for the spouse employment as well?
Does the employment experience for the spouse be verified?
Do we need to enter (why should we give these details) and submit all documentation and proof for our spouse too?
If we don't provide these info, will there be a problem in the future for her employment prospects?

Thanks for your help. Sorry if this is being asked previously, did not return for the search that I did.
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Just to help others having the same questions -

No - Since primary applicant's qualification is important unless one is claiming points for spouse as well.
No: Same as above
Not needed, but better to provide the info.
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