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Hello there,
I am an Australian citizen (originally from India) but I got married (arranged) in March 2011 with a girl of Indian origin in Qatar. I lodged the spouse visa, on
March 24th 2011 (via VFS) and we had a case officer assigned on March30th 2011.
We lodged the application at the Consulate General of AUS in Dubai.

The case office sent us one acknowledgment email and then another email requesting more documents--Medicals (only). After that she got her medicals done & my case officer conducted her interview over the phone. The interview was completed around April 7th or so. The medicals have been sent as well.
Now, I checked the status of the application on the VFS Online tracking system & it says that the Application has been sent to Australian high commission on 05-05-2011. , UAE (this is in abu dhabi)...

Now i am bit confused and nervous as to why the application has been sent over there..My understanding was that the Consulate-General in Dubai looked at the Visa applns. But then why is it sent to the Australian high commission, (Aus embassy) in UAE.? I read on their website that AUs High commssion doesnt decide on why in this case they have sent it there...

Is it something to be worried about? or is it their normal procedure?
Please advise...i m bit worried......

Date of application: 24/03/2011


Visa type:Spouse Visa 309

Offshore/onshore: offshore (Qatar)

Medicals submitted (yes/no): Yes (after CO requested)

Police check submitted (yes/no): yes

Date CO assigned: 30-03-2011

Date visa granted: still Waiting....
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