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Starting a new Partner Visa Application

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Hi all.
My fiancee and I have been dating for over a year now. I live in Melbourne and she lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I have travelled there 3 times now in the last year and she has been to Australia, Melbourne) for 10 days during the 2017/2018 holiday period.

We now wish to apply for a Spousal Visa so she can move here and we can start a family. We want to get married. I figured we would kill 2 birds with one stone and apply for the "Prospective Marriage visa"

Honestly, all this is quite overwhelming for me so I'm hoping this forum can help me.

My first questions are..

1. Am I applying for the right visa type? If not which one should I apply for?
2. Should I use an immigration agent? Maybe one based in Cambodia so he/she can be of help to my fiancee who speaks limited English.
3. What paperwork should I start getting ready now whilst I am saving the last of the Visa application money?

Thank you :) Will.
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Thanks for replying.
If I choose to use an agent. What sort of price range should I expect to pay for this service? I ask just so that I can know if I am being quoted to much.
Would we be better off just applying for a spousal visa? Then I know she is definitely allowed to stay here. Then get married when we want.

The idea of a prospective marriage visa being approved then the department not approving the full spousal visa post marriage is not appealing at all.
I am not sure what each one charges. I personally always get quotes from at least three sources to verify such things, then make my decision based on reasonable price (not drastically overcharging compared to others) and user reviews.

So maybe just contact a few of them with what you'd like to get from their services and ask for a quote.
Thanks. I have sent off 2 contact forms to a couple of agents from the sticky post here.
With the Police check should I apply for the electronic one or the paper one? The Australia post form gives me both options. Given that the application is to be lodged through my IMMI portal it should be the electronic one right?
Hi guys. I'm ploughing through the paperwork in Oz before my visit to Cambodia in July. During my visit there I will have my fiancee sign the papers for the PMV application. But can someone tell me the process?

Do I fill out the form 956A which will allow me to act on her behalf because her English is limited?
Do I lodge the 956A form and the other forms under my IMMI account?
Do the supporting documents need to be certified?
Will I lodge electronic scans of the documents or do they need to be posted in?
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