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State sponsorship

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Does anyone know about the state sponsorship? I've read on the immigration website that as long as you have a 12 month contract in a Junior or Senior teaching position, it's possible to apply for it?
Thank you
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Thank you. I'm a teacher in WA and looking for a state sponsorship. I'm wondering if it's just as simple to have the job offer or if I need more criteria. I've applied for a 189 before and had it rejected as my latest experience has been in junior and not senior school. My understanding is that junior school teachers can be state sponsored.

Thanks again
It is basically the same process as for the 189 application PLUS all the additional requirements for state nomination.

What visa are you on now?
A student visa. Subclass 500
Maybe start by reading up on the WA state government migration website.
I have and someone else on here said not to trust their information
I think he was referring to the Home Affairs website, not the state migration website.
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