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Hello i am new here, and i am wondering if someone could help me to what i need to put on the statements that needs to be written by me and my partener. and as well the friends and family.

i would so much appriciate if i could be pointed out in the right direction, as i don't know where to start
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Pretty simple. The online application has narrative boxes for each of those questions so you can just answer them there. That within the application is the personal statement and those boxes are in both the applicant and sponsor online applications. If you keep your answers clear and to the point, the 2000 character limit shouldn't be an issue.

The immigration website for your partner visa has a lot of information. I suggest reading through all of that including any sublinks before you apply. Things like the F888s are self explanatory if you download it and read it.
I wrote paragraphs for both visas with no issues and used the text boxes in the app. Some people choose to write a separate statement instead but this shouldn't be more than 1-2 pages or you might be babbling.

If the information is there, it shouldn't matter how it's presented as long as it's clear, concise, and organized. Nothing in the online app or immigration website states it needs to be in bullet point format, so it must have been specific to your COs preference.
And I'm just clarifying for other readers that your CO may have wanted it that way but doesn't mean it's a requirement. Another CO somewhere could have requested it differently.

Precisely why I believe the boxes are limited to 2000 characters, so you only have enough space to write what is necessary without rambling.

Then again, some people have written 10 page long statements with no issue.

So for other readers, do it how you feel comfortable.
I use the idea of uploading required things individually and combining like evidences.

As a statement is a required item, I would upload that individually as its own pdf. For photos I put all of them in one pdf. For screenshots of convos, I'd put that under a pdf for communication while apart.
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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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