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Hello i am new here, and i am wondering if someone could help me to what i need to put on the statements that needs to be written by me and my partener. and as well the friends and family.

i would so much appriciate if i could be pointed out in the right direction, as i don't know where to start
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Hi all! Just looking some info about how to present all the relationship evidence and this thread has come in quite handy already.

I've written the story of our relationship in a separate statement and then added photos, screenshots of conversations, etc as extra evidence of the statement.
I was just going to upload this as a pdf document once we apply, but I've just read that people usually print, sign and scan it.
Would this be the best way to go?

Should I separate the statement telling the story of our relationship and then all the "proof" (pictures, conversations, etc) in two different documents?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you very much!
I use the idea of uploading required things individually and combining like evidences.

As a statement is a required item, I would upload that individually as its own pdf. For photos I put all of them in one pdf. For screenshots of convos, I'd put that under a pdf for communication while apart.
That's so clever. Thanks!!!
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