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Student visa(500) overstay

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Need help.. so i'm an international student from Indonesia partway studying.

So i failed to extend my visa as i tried applying it online but it didn't get sent through as my laptop shuts down when i closed it and thought that its already sent.

I forgot about checking it again as i was doing various uni courseworks

When i was reminded of it again, i tried to send it again but as it already passed 28 days i cannot comtinue (i did it on 31st day after expiry).

I already apply for BVE and leaving the country 1 week after this situation.

What is the chances of me removing the ban ?

And how long does it usually take to apply for a new student visa?

As i really want to continue and just need to come for the finals
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Sorry miss typed that, i haven't got the ban yet and going to put a waiver
Yes i was able to put in a waiver and now awaiting for reply, its been 1 1/2 month.
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