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Start by reading through the partner migration booklet:

And the 820/801 website:

Things to know:
1. You must apply for the partner visa to get the bridging visa.
2. You must meet the relationship requirements at the time you apply, so if you plan on going de facto, you must have 12 months of de facto evidence of your relationship before applying.
3. There are 3 partner visa options. Research all of them to find the one that best suits your relationship situation.
4. The bridging visa (BVA) is only for the onshore 820/801 application and will not go into effect until her current visa expires. Which means she'll still have to fulfill the obligations of her student visa. If the student visa gets cancelled, so does the bridging visa and this also creates a world of hurt if you have a partner visa app pending.
4. Marriage doesn't mean much, it's all about your relationship evidence. Being engaged is a benefit because it makes you eligible for the subclass 300.
5. The bridging visa is while she waits for the first stage temporary visa. She wouldn't be eligible to apply for permanent residency for two years after the initial 820/801 or 309/100 partner visa application and even then there's a wait time after eligibility.

One more thing: dating is not de facto. DIBP are very clear that they do not count time while dating as part of the de facto relationship. That 12 months must be as a de facto couple unless you register your relationship (which isn't available in every state and you'd still need the required relationship evidence).
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
Not open for further replies.