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I have 2 questions:

Question 1:

I have a subclass 408 special activity visa issued on 17th november 2017 that allows me limited work rights and unlimited study right.. I arrived in australia in march and have until 15th may to stay as on document of visa

the immigration website however states that if my subclass 408 visa was issued whilst i was outside australia, my stay period starts from the day in enter australia and crossed immigration as the visa holder.

I arrived 13th of march. Does that give me stay until 13th september 2018 as that is a 6 months validity visa?

Please advise.

Question 2:

I decided to exercise my study rights by applying to study full time, i have admission and want to apply for study, however when i checked my visa status on vevo, it says there error ' 5' and that i have to contact the nearest immigration office.

I suspect my visa may have been cancelled for some reason am not sure , but i haven't been notified or called for any reason. I tried to contact the,m on phone and email but proved difficult. I am however scared to go as i fear detention..

Can i put in the student application on immi account anyways and later apply for a bridging visa? And as far as am concerned my visa is valid because i have a copy which i entered australia on and still not expired till may 15th and study is a right i am entitled to on the visa.

What do you advise?

Would look forward to hearing from you

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