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Student visa finance questions

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My niece is here on a 476. Nationality Pakistani. Family based in UAE where she grew up. Admission to coursework Masters at RMIT. Applying for student visa.

According to the visa checklist when entering details of her nationality and institution, financial documentation is not on the document checklist. I understand they may ask for it anyway.

She will be showing that family (my husband and me) will be supporting her in addition to her own salary (less than 60K per year as she will be part time during Masters).

Should we put in bank statements and my husband's payment summary, pay slips and other financial details when she applies for the visa or wait to be asked?

I understand if we are asked for proof we have to show 20,000 and some for 1 years' living expenses as well as a year's tuition. She's in Australia already.

We have a bank account dedicated for this purpose with 24K in it (only deposits).
We have another account with 33K in it (some withdrawals).
She transfers her savings to an account in my name (so she's not tempted to touch it) balance 14K.
Her tuition fees are 19K per semester.

One snag is the 33K account is in my husband, mine and a partner's name, even though it is all our money. Not sure how they will look at this.
We will also show her salary and my husband's salary and mine I suppose.

There's no question we can cover the costs but is it an issue with it all being in different accounts? I would just transfer it all together except the documentation also says recent large deposits need to be explained!

Do we have to show we have funds for 1 year's tuition if we've already paid the first semester? Does that reduce it to showing funds for 1 semester?

The genuine access to funds documentation says when some else is paying, give identity documents, that's easy, but also evidence of the relationship. Does this mean biological relationship? My husband is her Uncle. I guess we have to find some document that show's her grandfather's name and a document of my husband's showing his father's name. Or can he do a stat dec? She's disclosed on previous visa applications that her Uncle is an Australian citizen and lives here and had to give passport number etc.

It also asks to show history of financial support given to you and previous student visa holders. Is this meant for our situation or where someone has sort of a business of supporting student visa holders? Because my husband also provided this same guarantee for her older sister 3 years ago. She only stayed 1 semester on her student visa. So is it asking us to mention this?

Also thinking about the genuine temporary entrant requirement. She has an email from her current employer saying she will transition to working part time for two years with an end date that matches her course. She plans to go back to her home country to her immediate family when she finishes but doesn't have a job offer. Is there something else we could show for documentation without a job offer in her home country?

Thanks for making it this far!!
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