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Student Visa Refusal Confusion

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My name is Mujtaba. I used to study in Malaysian campus of Swinburne University of Technology. I came on an exchange program to Australia for one semester. After that one semester i liked the Australian campus much better so i took my transfer. I was originally suppose to finish my degree in semester one of 2017. But due to some financial problems with my sponsor, i was not able to pay my fees in time. As a result my Confirmation of Enrollment was cancelled. The issues were eventually resolved but it was a bit too late than. As a result, i got another COE from my university which is only issued if i am able to pay my fees in full for the following semester, which in my case was the only semester left.

I got my new COE and applied for another student visa because my old visa was about to expire. I applied for my visa on 29 August 2017, for which i got a refusal on 25 October 2017.

The refusal was on the grounds that DIBP decision maker thought i was unable to have enough financial support to get by in my time in Australia comfortably. I have already paid a major part of expenses in Australia with the payment of my tuition fees for the degree. And i receive regular financial support from my father. I got my last visa without having to show any proof for financial support because Swinburne University of Technology is streamlined university, which basically means students studying in these universities can not use their offer letters to apply for student visas but have to use their COE which can only be obtained when the student has paid first semester fees. I was under the impression it would be same this time.

Please also note, i have been studying through my last semester. My last assessment is scheduled to be on 17 November 2017. I am confident i would be able to pass all my final period exams and i should be able to graduate after this semester.

I am planning to lodge an application for a review of the decision with AAT. I have read on the internet that such reviews take a very long time to be processed. Now i am not sure what will happen in the time period my review is being processed.

I am getting financial support from my father right now, but he will want to stop once i have graduated. I have restricted work rights during the time my university is in session, will i have restricted work right all the way through the review process?

Secondly, it is a norm to cancel the COE once the student has obtained pass results in his final period of the degree. Now i am not sure what will happen in my case, but if the COE is cancelled i would be given 28 days to either leave Australia or lodge an application for another visa. I have no issues to leaving Australia once i am done with my degree and i have the completion letter in my hand. And as i understand, i am barred under S48, which restricts my to lodge a new application while i am onshore. Will i be able to lodge a new application for temporary graduate visa if i go back to my country? Or i am barred from that as well?

Lastly, what implications in your opinion will i have on my future visa obtaining ability from all this mess?

Thank you very much for reading my very long essay. It is just that i am so close to the finish line now, and this mess has stirred up. Any advice is highly appreciated.
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