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G'day mates,
I have a few questions regarding my aim to get my australian permanent residency and hope that someone will be able to answer them, which could be of big help in my decision process.

First of all, I'd like to know when I'm going to apply me for my student visa within my current visa, the 2nd Working Holiday, if I'm automatically going to be on a bridging visa as I assume or what I have to do during my application for a student visa online.

Much more important is the selection of my course. I'm planning to study "Telecommunications" suitable to the occupations "Telecommunications Field Engineer", "Telecommunications Network Planner" and "Telecommunications Technical Officer/Technologist". Though, the course I found and I'm probably going to study is a "Advanced Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering" with TAFE International which can be found on the CRICOS government list as well as on the myskills homepage from the government.
Although TAFE explicitly states on their homepage that the one of the job outcomes can be "Telecommunications Engineer", I want to ask the forum if anyone of you has their own knowledge or experience related to that in gaining their permanent residency through this kind of field as there is no list which tells what CRICOS code suits ANZSCO code and what units are needed for those occupations mentioned that are on the list. I would like to find out if this course would match one of those occupations or if there would be another course that someone could recommend me.

Furthermore, I'd like to ask if Engineers Australia as the Assessing Authority would assess my skills I gained from my course for the application of a permanent residency visa although it is just a Advanced Diploma and not a Bachelor Degree. I found on their homepage that they assess Engineering Associates too but on the phone they told me they don't...anyone has any experiences or informations on that too?

Last but not least, I would like to ask if it is easy to get a graduation visa after completion of the course and Skills Assessment in case I need more points as it is only a Advanced Diploma and not a Bachelor Degree too or if it can be hard and if it would be possible to work interstate if I'm going to be on a State Sponsorship after completion of the course and nomination.

Any comments, experiences or general help would be highly esteemed and could not just help me in the decision making but also in fulfilling me my dreams here in Australia.

I'm looking forward to hear back from someone.

Thanks very much in advance!

With kind regards,


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