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Study right when appealing or after visa cancelled

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Hi All,

I'm new in this forum. I have a very difficult question in regards to VISA cancellation.

I have a really really good friend and we've known each other for years.

He get PR granted 3 years ago and now been received NOICC (Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation) due to the working experience misleading information provided when he applied VISA.

Now he studies in a university and have roughly another year to graduate. He claims he didn't provide any misleading or bogus document and now intend to appeal.

I don't know what's the truth behind this but my question is:
During the appeal and review period of the cancellation, is she still eligible to study in the university and finish the corse? Or she has to apply the study right during the period?

Thanks all for any useful information.
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Presumably he will be on a bridging visa (E) after the cancellation, so it will depend if the university will allow him to study while on a bridging visa and what the conditions of his bridging visa are.
Thanks CCMS.

As far as I know, Bridging Visa E always have no study right, which means if even University agrees her to study she still need to request study right from DIBP?

UPDATE: Just received a shocking news. When DIBP issued NOICC she was staying overseas.

Although her PR was applied and granted onshore, when the time she get NOICC she was offshore. I guess she doesn't even have appeal right! This is unfair.
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