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I am new in this forum and I would like to share my entire experience with the immigration process as I am so close to the final decision after more than 4 years since the date I lodged my application and almost 5 since I started with the entire process.

I had the opportunity to have the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) with a company based in Sydney back in 2008 but instead of that I decided to apply for the 175 to become a permanent resident, I didn't know that everything will change next year and that it was gonna take so many years to be processed.

Nationality: Mexican
Profession: Systems Analyst
1st ACS skill assessment: 10/2008 and finalized 03/2009
Application lodged: 06/2009
Health examination: 07/2009
(After this date I received a couple of emails telling me that my priority changes to 5 because of my generic profession)

Last year I updated my information regarding my passport, job and address (I am living in the USA now) and the agent suggested me to apply for a reassessment to get a higher priority, I did it on 12/12 and got the letter on 02/13.

On 05/2013 I got an email from my CO asking me to send the police clearance, health examination and retake the IELTS within the next 28 days, so far I have sent everything but the IELTS report that I will be receiving this week.

It has been a very long process, I have read a lot of cases and I think my waiting time has been excessive. My CO told me that as soon as she gets the IELTS report, they will be ready to make the final decision.

Does anybody has a similar experience with the 175?

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