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Hello guys

I would like to get some clarifications on my current situation if anyone else has been through this themselves

I'm a NZ citizen and my wife is a UK citizen. We are both looking to move to Australia for atleast 2 years as we both enjoy the lifestyle Australia offers over New Zealand. My wife has a working holiday visa that is currently valid till 06/23 and is required to do a 3months worth of farm work in order to extend her working holiday visa from 06/23 onwards. I've done a fair bit of searching online and it appears she is eligible for a Subclass 461 through me which is valid for 5 years. We'd like to apply for a 461 and get her a bridging visa B(020) as we have a few travel/business trips planned next year around May/June and potentially more later on in the year.

Now my questions are

1. Am i correct in saying once she applies for a subclass 461 and a Bridging visa A her obligatory farm work wont be necessary anymore
2. How long did your Bridging Visa A take to be approved? Was in instant?
3. What was the process in applying for Bridging Visa B? and how long did that take?
4. In order to travel with your Bridging Visa B, was the process complicated in order to be cleared to travel? like do the dates have to be specific and were any of your trips denied due to invalid reasons?
5. Did you need a migration agency to apply or do it all yourself?

Thank you,

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