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Hey there, I've been struggling a little on the internet to find information regarding visa stuff for Aussie...

I'm a UK citizen moving to Melbourne in Feb 2018 on a Working Holiday visa. My boyfriend is NZ citizen and so we hope to apply for a subclass 461 visa which would provide me with 5 years temporary stay and employment rights.

I met my partner in London and started a relationship in June 2016. We did not live together, until he spent a couple of weeks at my parents before we embarked upon a 4 month travelling trip together. (We are currently still travelling)

We will move to Australia together in February, and after three months will apply to have our relationship registered in the state of Victoria (I believe this waivers the 12 months proof of living together)

I am committed to a future with my partner - and a life in Melbourne - however, given that I am moving away from my home country I want to make the best chance of it. I would prefer to spend some time living apart, to make my own friends/life - before living with him in Aus.

Of course, I understand the subclass 461 requires proof of a de facto partnership. If I can have my relationship registered and certificate granted, provide evidence of shared travel costs, a joint UK and Australia bank account as well as lots of social material, invitations, pictures, travel expenses, etc. As well as justification as to my reasons for living apart and plans to move permanently in together after one year - do you think this would suffice?

Finally I am sorry for the long message - I wasn't sure how to get to the point of this one!

(PS I don't know if it is worth mentioning that my grandparents are Australia citizens - not my father).
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