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Switching from WHV to De Facto

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Hi Guys,

I am entering Aus on 5th April on WHV and joining my Aussie partner who I have been with for 2 years. I am going to apply for De Facto about 3 months after I get there to demonstrate some time of living together.

My question is, when I apply for De Facto will I get any full working rights once I have submitted application and it is under consideration?

Or will I only gain the full working rights when the bridging visa kicks in at the end of WHV?

Is there any way the WHV can be over-ridden by De Facto?

My reason for asking is because I work in Banking Sales and being restricted to the 6 month per employer is going to mean I will struggle to get a job for such a short period of time with a Bank. Don't really think they will want to take someone on, train them, give them a portfolio only for me to leave a few months later.

Thank you!
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You might find this thread and the answers in it somewhat useful and informative. Someone else is planning to go from a WHV to a de facto visa.
Thanks, quite useful however the situation is slightly different as I am not sure I want to get married in the next year. I would not want a forced marriage situation as I know I qualify for De Facto. I am sure we will get married one day but I want to go down the traditional route and not for a visa.

I am just wondering if De Facto application pending work rights over-rides the WHV once you apply or if you have to ride out the entirety of WHV....

Thank you
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