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Hi Eugene,

I am in the process of ACS for "Systems Analyst (261112)".

I had 3 year Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
I have a total of 6 years and 3 months experience with role equivalent to Systems Analyst (that will be confirmed by ACS tho)
I pursued 4 years of Masters of Technology - Software Engineering while I was working (I was working full time. Studying during weekends)

I have scored >=7 in all sections of IELTS

Now as I understand, the first 2 years of my work experience will not be considered as it is required to meet eligibility criteria.

So my points will go: 30(age) + 10 (ielts) + 5 (work exp) + 15 (education) = 60

My questions:
1) Can I score any additional points for my masters degree that I pursued by studying on weekends?
2) I can score 5 points for my spouse. Will it be useful?
3) Also, if I wait till Aug-2017, my total work experience will be 7 years - a relevant 5 years after meeting eligibility criteria. Should I wait for my EOI until then? Or should I file it now?
If I file EOI now and dont get selected until Aug-2017, can I update my EOI? Will I have to redo the ACS (no job change)? Or will the consider the buffer experience?

Please guide. I guess System Analysts meet criteria at 60. But there maybe a very long wait time. Hope 65 points help me.

Looking forward to your advice!
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