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Hi Everyone,

I applied for my Temporary Graduate Visa in 16th April 2013 and was refused on 28th Aug 2013 due to not satisfying the requirements of regulation 485.223.

Here is details if my Application.

Application Lodged on 16th April 2013.
ACS Assessment on 16th April 2013 (Computer network and System Engineer - Skilled)
ACS Assessment 11 July 2013 - Assessed as unsuitable since i applied as skilled.
Re- Assessment 12 July 2013 - Assessed as successful applied as recent Graduate since i finished my Bachelor in IT in 15th March 2013

On 19th Aug I receive email from My case officer requesting for Evidence of Assessment, Medical Insurance and other paperworks.

I submitted all documents but i forgot to submit Assessment letter for ACS which was assessed as unsuitable.

On 28th of Aug 2013 i got email for Immi stating that my 485 visa was refused because i did not provide any evidence which state that i have applied for ACS Assessment on 15 April 2013.

I have all document ready with me atm.. Assessment letter for both 16th april and 12th July.
Please advice if there is any chance to make things correct as i have document to meet the requirement of 485 visa.
I'll applying for MRT as i was advised in the email from IMMI.

Please let me know if any info required and please advice any good lawyer for this issue


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