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Hi all
Can anyone help me as I am in a predicament with my elderly mother who is 80.

She was due to fly back to U.K. 12 feb 2018 but 3 days before she fell in her bedroom and broke her hip. Her visa was valid to 20 February. My mother had surgery and had screws put in her hip as it was a bad fracture.

I let immigration know what happened and they told me I needed to apply for an extension which I did straight away before visa expired. I sent certified copies of medical reports and doctors letters with the application stating she would be unfit to travel for at least 12 weeks.

She remained in hospital for 2 weeks rehab and came home Friday just gone. I received letter from immigration requesting my mother attend medical at BUPA in Perth, an hour drive away. My mother is on home rehab and is not fit to travel or undergo a 2 hour medical at the moment as it could hinder her recovery.

I explained this to my case officer who told me I had 28 days to provide relevant info eg to 22march. Failure to do so even if mum is unfit to travel will be viewed as a cancelled visa and I will be given either 21 days to appeal or 35 days for my mother to leave the country. A decision would be made post 22 march but no idea when.the 35 days could start from 23 march taking it to 28 April. she would be forced to leave despite her condition and doctors notes saying unfit to travel.

Here is the biggest dilemma I was forced to rebook mums flight at the minimum recovery period so 12 weeks so I wouldn't lose money on flight. Her flight back to U.K. Is 30 April. Despite this immigration say my mum would need to leave within 35 days even if only 2 days before her new booked flight. I am flying her business class due to her age and had to pay £1000 to change it.

I didn't factor in immigration not assisting since she only outstayed visa due to fall. She has a bridging visa until decision made. Now immigration are suggesting I apply for medical treatment visa at another cost of $250 but still requires medical at BUPA. Mum can't cope with being detained in her condition or forced to fly economy as she is still in pain and long haul economy could be risky. Please can anyone assist who has been in similar situation. I am at my wits end worrying. Many many thanks.
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