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Thankyou to anyone who may help with this,

I am currently on a FA 600 Tourist visa details as follows

Visa grant date 12 May 2017

Visa Expire Date 12 Feb 2018

Entries allowed Multiple

Must not arrive after 12 May 2018

Period of stay 3 months on each arrival

My confusion has been based around the visa expire date,
I have flown into australia on the 12 of November 2017, and realise i have a maximum of 3 months stay.

But am I allowed to return, to australia after the 12 of Feb ( where it says my visa expires ), i was under the impression i could return before May 12 2018 and stay for another 3 months ( say May 10- Aug 10).

I am hoping the Visa expiry date is just poorly worded on the VEVO check and actually just refers to the current 3 month trip I am on and not the etire visa.

Thanks for any help, The immigration hotline could not clarify and sent me to their office in darwin, where i was offered the hotline number again as it was an un manned office.
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