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Hi Good day!
I just wanna ask is anyone here tried to extend or apply for a new tourist visa to stay longer here in Australia?
As of the moment I have the Tourist Visa SC600 that allowing to stay up to 3 months. I have a plane ticket already going back to my home country by 09 Mar 2019. But we are planning to apply for the partner visa its just that we wanna comply with the requirement of living together for at least 12months before we can apply for that. So the main reason why we wanna extend my stay is to meet this requirement.

I wanna ask is anyone here gone through with the same situation as ours? What do you recon? Because im also afraid that if ever we applied for this extension then there will be 8503 that will be imposed then we cannot do anymore what we planned or whats really the purpose of the visa extension.

Thank you in advance to anyone that will answer on this thread. Appreciate it.
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