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I have what I am hoping is a quick question. Is it fine to apply for a spousal visa (subclass 309) offshore, and then while it is being processed, bring my wife to Australia for 3 months on a visitor visa?

Basically we have been told that it will take 9 - 12 months to process our offshore spousal application as my wife is Zambian (and living in Zambia). This is way too long to be apart, so I am hoping that bringing her out on a tourist visa will be acceptable. Obviously I dont want to put the spousal application in jeopardy.

She has to return to Zambia to complete her studies in August anyway - so Im hoping this alone should be enough reassurance to immigration that she will leave when her visa expires.

Can I ask this thing again? plsss..

My partner's plan is to get wed on March, so that by April(no class already) I could come with him back to Aust using Visitors Visa(to be applied a month before the wed-is it ok?). Like benkitzelman concerned, wont it bring our spousal visa application(planning to lodged it before going to Aust) into jeopardy?

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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