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Re: Applying for a tourist visa while a spouse visa is being processed

HI, the AHC here In South Africa normally quote a 3 - 6 month processing time frame for the 300 100 and 309 applications. It is essential that the bonafides of the applications are confirmed and interviews are normally conducted. If the AHC receive an visitor visa application after the submission of a spouse or fiance visa it is normally refused becuase they will be able to complete the processing of the application in a relatively quick time frame and thus avoiding the requirement for the applicant to leave Australia so that the visa can be granted and visa issued. Remember an off shore application can only be completed with the applicant 'off shore'. It is unfortunate that applications for visitor visas, from 'high risk' countries will almost invariably be refused if there is a 300 309 or 100 application is in process. regards Mary
Hi all,

I am from a high risk country and I live in the UK. I applied for a subclass 100 visa more than 8 months ago (including 2 months wasted when the case officer forgot to update the referrals), and it has been too long since we went to Australia. I emailed the senior migration officer in London, and was advised that I can apply for a tourist visa to Australia, while the subclass 100 application is being processed, and she actually said that lots of people do while awaiting a decision on their spouse visa applications.
Bear in mind that she knows I have been to Australia before and had 2 subclass 676 visitor visas granted.
She also noted that it's best to wait until the processing of the subclass 100 is completed as it's more convenient for us.

Hope that helps you benkitzelman.

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