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TR 485 Post-Study Work Visa - Study Requirements Eligibility

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I'm currently studying in a 2 years master's program which is 16 units or 4 semesters in total.

The course is registered in CRICOS as 104-week. However, I received 4 units of exemption during my study, which reduced my study to 3 semesters (16 months duration counting from starting date to completion date).

Am I still eligible to apply for the 485 post-study work visa?
Because technically the course is still registered as 104-week in CRICOS while the study duration is 16 months in total.

I'll be thankful to you if you please clear my doubts about it. I'm looking forward to your response.

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Probably yes. If you want the latest legal decision on this matter go to my website and the contact form.
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