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Traveling while Citizenship Application is still 'RECEIVED'

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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone could answer a few questions, I apologise if these questions have come up before. If someone could point me to the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated

I applied for citizenship by conferral last Aug 2022, status of application is still 'RECEIVED'. When I filled out the application, I said yes when asked if I had plans to depart Australia within 12 months of the application.

I am now planning to go overseas in May (and maybe November)

My questions are:

  • Do I need to let Immi/someone know that I will out of Australia for a few weeks? How and how soon?
  • What is the next stage to received?
  • What would happen if my application gets processed from received to the next stage and I'm overseas?

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Thanks so much for supplying the information, greatly appreciated! Unfortunately I do not see a way to inform DHA of my travels through online application, so I will have to call them

Thanks again!
Do you still have the option to upload documents or information?
Hi JandE,

Yes, I do, is that how I can inform DHA of my future travels?

View attachment 12780

Do I write them a letter stating my intent of travel? Also wondering if they get back to me straight away after uploading, I just don't want to have an issue where they read/get the letter a few days before the flight.

Thank you!
Write a letter, and upload it under "Other Documents". Name it something like "Travel Plan notification".
They may or may not reply, but you should see that they received it in the IMMI account.

It would be expected that they would check unread documents from you, at a minimum when they next look at the file. Probably even earlier, when they are notified of a new message received.

We did that when my wife got a new passport.
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