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Traveling while Citizenship Application is still 'RECEIVED'

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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone could answer a few questions, I apologise if these questions have come up before. If someone could point me to the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated

I applied for citizenship by conferral last Aug 2022, status of application is still 'RECEIVED'. When I filled out the application, I said yes when asked if I had plans to depart Australia within 12 months of the application.

I am now planning to go overseas in May (and maybe November)

My questions are:

  • Do I need to let Immi/someone know that I will out of Australia for a few weeks? How and how soon?
  • What is the next stage to received?
  • What would happen if my application gets processed from received to the next stage and I'm overseas?

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Hi there,

I have a question.

So I applied on Aug 26 2022. From then to now, I have been offshore for 3 months, onshore for 3 months.

My scheduled test date is 4 April. I can make the test + interview date and time, but I will have to leave the country in the same evening due to family and work commitments.

I will only return on Monday, 14 August 2023 and stay then on with no travel plans.

Can I understand if I can travel after a test/interview and before the application status is updated to approved?

Thank you
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