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I have been granted an sponsored 457 visa and will move to Australia by mid February.
I'm trying to apply for a TFN online via website, however I get this message in one of the steps in the web form:
Your details indicate that you are eligible for a TFN but you have not yet arrived in Australia. Please wait until you arrive in Australia before applying for a TFN.
My understanding was that even if I'm not in Australia yet, I could apply providing an Australian address for the TFN to be sent to (I have a friend living there, so I can use his).
It seems like the ATO somehow knows I'm not in Australia yet, and will not let me apply. My guess is that they are checking my passport number the IBD database, but not sure about that.

I just want to get the TFN as soon as possible to avoid higher taxation than needed on my first paycheck.

Are there any ways to get the TFN from abroad? Is waiting until I arrive in Australia my only option here?

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