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Hello there
I would love some advice! I know i posted this on other theard but Im nervous and need some opinion.

Ive been in Australia on tourist visa 2 times. I came to visit my bf and meet his family and friends. First I came in July 2015 stayed almost 3 months then we went for almost 3 weeks to Thailand and Singapore to renew my 3 months. After we got back to Australia in October I stayed 3 months (to be exact 78 days).. I knew when we get back that officers gonna ask me questions. And so she did. She was asking about why I want to get back since I was there for 3 months, if I work and I work illegaly in Australia. She was asking my bf questions as well. And at the end she said that immigration doesnt like when couple use tourist visa to come to Australia (which I totally understand) and we should think about applying for partner visa onshore.. And they let me in.

I left Australia in January 2016 since I had to go back to work and I had surgery schedulde to get my tonsils out. Well when I got back it turned out my boss doesnt want me to work for her anymore. So i recently become unemployed and heres my questions for YOU guys, what do you think.

My last eVisitor was valid till June 2016, but I applied for a new eVisitor and Ive got it without any problems and its gonna expire in 2017.

I would love to go back to Australia in May or June (so in 1 or 2 months from today) and Im planning on staying for 3 months. I just wanna visit my bf and his family as well as visit some friends.
My boyfriend offered that he's gonna pay for everything while im there and Im gonna stay at his place. Of course I'm gonna have some cash with me.

When I was in Australia I was like 5 or 6 times sick, where I needed to go to the doctor for antibiotic, I had tonsillitis so I wasnt able to travel around much.
This time I really want to visit Sydney (which is the typical tourist place), Melbourne and Tasmania, where my bf auntie lives. She's into Polish language, culture and we haven't met face to face yet we only talk on the phone. So this time I would love to visit her.

As I said the officer at the airport said about the partner visa that we should apply. Well to be honest I do not know if I want to apply for it. At least I do not plan on doing it. Its a really big deal and comitmnet. Im really close with my family and all of them are in Poland. Im not too sure if im ready to leave my family, friends and my country and move across the world. And tbh Im not really sure if we meet the criteria to apply for this partner visa, I haven't even checked it..

So can you tell me if it is a big deal that I dont have a job here in Poland? Im leaving here with my parents and since I dont work Ive become "full time housewife" like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and washing dishes, which I dont mind. My grandmas sick, she's having the beging of dementia (I think that what its called, you can tell her Im going to the shop to buy a bread and 5 min later she ask where are you going, she forgets how old are you or your name) so Im helping with looking after my grandma (she needs someone with her 24/7).

my reasons to spend time in Australia:
- visit friends and bf
- my friend has her big birthday bash in June ( 50th bday party, shes sending invites and i got one thru facebook as well)
- my bf birthday in July
- i wanna see Sydney, Melbourne and my bf's auntie in Tasmania (in this almost 6 months in Australia I was sick like 5 or 6 times where I was at the doctors so I wasnt feeling too good to travel)

reasons to leave after 3 months:
-like i said im gonna have ticket to aus and back home to poland,
-i wanna go back to poland since my dads 55th bday is in august,
-my grandmas sick
-i wanna find a job here in poland
- im even thinking about going back to school, to start Uni in October but Im still not too sure
- ALL of my family is in poland

Can you please tell me what do you think?
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