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My partner (Australian citizen) and myself (PR) are expecting our first child in a few months. To help with adjusting to our new lives and also to help ease my return to work, we have decided to bring my mum to Australia to help take care of the baby.

Initially we thought of just getting her to come on the Tourist Visa, which means she can stay and help us for 3 months.

However, we've heard from different sources that there is a 1-year Visa for grandparents who come to help with taking care of newborns? Is this true? Or does this fall under the normal/general Tourist Visa? What type of insurance will we be required to get for her?

Thanks in advance!
Not sure where you got your information from (I would love to know who your sources are), but there is no such visa.

Coming to Australia with the stated intention of taking care of an infant or baby-sitting may even be a reason for refusal.

There are special arrangements for parents of Australian Citizens/Permanent residents who have lodged a parent visa, but even those come with limitations.

Your mother may well be able to get a standard tourist visa for 6 or 12 months. Or you could consider the family sponsored visitor visa.
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