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Hi there,

Could someone please explain this to me?

"Applicants under the Business Innovation Stream are required
to provide 1 statement to evidence that the applicant and/or their
spouse or de facto partner own net assets of at least AUD 800,000
at the time of invitation or on a date within 3 months preceding
the time of invitation to apply for the visa. If applicants under the
Business Innovation stream are claiming points in 'net personal
and business assets', they are also required to provide 2
consecutive snapshots of their financial situation throughout the
2 fiscal years prior to the time of invitation to apply for the visa.
You will therefore need to complete at least 1 and possibly
4 SALP statements for the Business Innovation stream

I have been reading this back and forth and really confused as to what to do.. so basically im claming points for personal and business assets, but only the personal assets part not the business part. So what am I supposed to fill in?

For the bold part, I dont seem to understand as to how they derive possibly 4? and do they mean 4 separate statements meaning I have to fill out 4 pages of statements here?

Why the bloody hell do they need to make this so confusing..

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