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thanks for reply,

I shall appeal to AAT, but how severe is my case? since I have completed the check in a timely manner just didn't upload it Immiaccount, I emailed DIBP, have all emails.

Please, how likely the AAT appeal will result in approving of my visa? how severe is my case ??

When did you send the email containing the AFP police clearance ref. number and completion notice to DIBP?

By law, it is mandatory that you have applied for an AFP police clearance with complete disclosure prior to lodging your 485 visa application and this is what the AAT will consider when reviewing your case. The argument point is whether your NSW police check can be viewed as satisfying the above-mentioned requirement considering the NSW police force is part of the AFP and they all called "National Police Certificate".

The other thing remained unclear at this point is whether you have lodged your appeal through the AAT. Because if you haven't, you have lost your right to appeal by now because there are only 21 days for you to apply for review.

I am going through an appeal as well and I wish you all the best.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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