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I submitted my application on 31 may 2022 (Student 500 for MIT) and received an automated acknowledgement letter on immi account but there is no letter for biometric only one immi acknowledgement pdf was generated on the messages section of immi account. My application was held on Received status. I did medical on june 7 2022 and the medical was also updated on immi account and today on 23 june 2022 my application was updated again and they ask me to provide biometrics but still i didnt got email from ahc or not received any letter on messages section of immi account i will attach screenshot of my issue please help.
Never received the email!

Checked everywhere, including my spam for all emails listed and the application mailbox in the immi account. Could not find anyone who can also answer what's happening as the common response is 'it should have been sent with the acknowledgement email'. Is there any place I can request the email to be sent again or complain somewhere?

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