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Hey guys, I have a question and hoping someone to answer this for me.

Back in October, I submitted an EOI (General Accountant) with 80 points - 189 (I claimed partner point and work experience at that time, no PY and NAATI).

Here is my breakdown:

Age: 30
Aus Education: 5
Qualification: 15
English: 20
Partner: 5
Work Exp: 5

However, I am almost completing PY in February and just recently got my CCL result (I passed), lets say by end of February, I want to update my EOI to claim PY, NAATI and not claim partner point and work experience (mostly paperwork and no guarantee), is it possible?

The reason Im planning not to claim partner and work experience is cuz my relationship is falling apart in the last 3 months and there is no way I see any future in it, and I am planning to change jobs soon so I am not sure if this affects my work experience claim. With PY and CCL it is guarantee because I would have the certificates.

So my DOE of EOI will not change as they would still be 80 points and it is still be updated by end of February. Does this mean it will help me to jump the queue, will this raise any suspicions from DHA? Or should I withdraw this existing EOI and submit a new one all together?

From my understanding, I just have to make sure that by the time I get an invitation, everything has to be valid and that they can clearly see when my EOI is last updated (which would be the day I claim my PY in February).

So what do I do? Do i create a new EOI with 80 with DOE in February or use my existing one with DOE Oct 2018 at 80 points?

MANY thanks!!!
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