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Urgent Issue | Bridging Visa E & applying for Remaining Relative 835

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Up until last Saturday I was on a 457 with an approved nomination for the 186(TRS), I unfortunately and tragically did not realise the 457 had expired till this past Monday, so I've lost the 186 visa, I feel like such a fool.

Worst yet, my employer let their sponsorship lapse and they're waiting for the application to be finalized. Else we'd apply for the 186DE. I am a web developer with 6 years experience.

I presented myself to Home Affairs that Tuesday and was issued a Bridging Visa E with condition 85012, Depart Australia on specified date. That date is the 13th March. On the positive side of that, I was unlawful for only 2 days but that doesn't seem to count for much. Neither does my history in Australia it seems.

I have lived in Australia for 9 years, my Bachelor's degree was done here and all my relatives are Australian citizens residing here. I've never been back to SA either, my life is here.

The real issue I have is that I have a 2 year old daughter who is Australian by birth. I separated from her father beginning of Jan and we have a signed parenting plan stating I am the principal carer.

I want to apply for the 835 remaining relative but want to know if anybody has done that recently? Also, how can I get that condition removed ASAP.

I have a sponsor, I fit the criteria of the visa as stated in the migration act of 1994, I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing because I don't have a lot of time and I'm terrified of being away from my girl and going to a country I no longer have support or family ties to.
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First off, thank you for taking the time to respond, and I will be reposting this to an rma thread ASAP. I just feel like it’s hopeless, every day that goes by is a day closer to my worst fear which is being seperated from my family andreturned to a country I have nothing left in.
Thank you replying, I’ve contacted Boccabella, he is a barrister based in Brisbane and advised a few strategies. He said the 835 would be a good insurance policy but also advised applying for several tourist visas. Another option was offshore application but that leaves my daughter without my care.

My mother said she is going to get Fragoman lawyers to submit an application to have the 8512(you were correct) removed and possibly get the time extended.

Can you recommend any rmas? I have funds but not unlimited.
Fragoman went a far as us receiving a quote for a lot of money, Boccabella is willing to talk to us on Monday and will then draft options for us, he has insinuated that we do have the potential for a positive outcome. As far as official representation goes, there is not one yet.

I read through the criteria for the 835 as stated in the migration regulations of 1994, and along with the migration act of 1958, it looks like I am eligible to apply for it. I also satisfy schedule 3 criterion 3002(I might have that number wrong).

I want to send the application by courier ASAP and at the same time submit in person the form 1005, with all the 835 docs and additional Evidence, to get conditions 8511 & 8512 waivered. Then at least I can extend the bridging visa time in order to wait for the 835 application onshore.
Thank you for your kind offer of the assessment, I’m compiling documentation for that 835 in the meantime just in case.

I’m based in Melbourne but will go to your website as soon as possible and submit a contact form. I saw you’re in NSW, I hope that isn’t an issue.

We were recommended Boccabella by another MRA who my mom has gone through successfully before so that’s why we haven’t looked into his reviews, we trust the people we choose to ask for guidance. However, if I should be concerned then I’d rather someone let me know now before I waste any time.

Thank you all once again, i do appreciate the input and it’s honestly helped lessen the feeling of isolation and hopelessness.
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