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Urgent Issue | Bridging Visa E & applying for Remaining Relative 835

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Up until last Saturday I was on a 457 with an approved nomination for the 186(TRS), I unfortunately and tragically did not realise the 457 had expired till this past Monday, so I've lost the 186 visa, I feel like such a fool.

Worst yet, my employer let their sponsorship lapse and they're waiting for the application to be finalized. Else we'd apply for the 186DE. I am a web developer with 6 years experience.

I presented myself to Home Affairs that Tuesday and was issued a Bridging Visa E with condition 85012, Depart Australia on specified date. That date is the 13th March. On the positive side of that, I was unlawful for only 2 days but that doesn't seem to count for much. Neither does my history in Australia it seems.

I have lived in Australia for 9 years, my Bachelor's degree was done here and all my relatives are Australian citizens residing here. I've never been back to SA either, my life is here.

The real issue I have is that I have a 2 year old daughter who is Australian by birth. I separated from her father beginning of Jan and we have a signed parenting plan stating I am the principal carer.

I want to apply for the 835 remaining relative but want to know if anybody has done that recently? Also, how can I get that condition removed ASAP.

I have a sponsor, I fit the criteria of the visa as stated in the migration act of 1994, I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing because I don't have a lot of time and I'm terrified of being away from my girl and going to a country I no longer have support or family ties to.
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wrussel is a RMA, he is recommended by many on this forum as are the others in the sticky thread.
One of the 2 firms you mentioned has some extremely bad reviews. The other after 35 years migration experience has no reviews! I did see some of the fees and I think you will find the first quote actually will be a lesser amount than what you will get Monday.

It seems your Monday appointment will start with a " Ok lets look into this for your, we will require $2,200 to open a file". (but the page wont open fully).

I have been on this forum for years and have seen many of Westly's posts, to me I would take his inclusion of the words "best of luck" as a slight warning.

I have noticed RMA's don't rely on luck, so any time they use the word proceed with caution is advisable.
I think you would have been informed at time of the Bridging Visa E grant that it has no work rights. You can apply for work rights.

Also (I am not an RMA or even close) I believe there is a path for you to get a positive outcome. The problem is you have several layers of issues and they will need to be carefully navigated to find the best of what will be a very painful path.
Bvdberg, it might be wise to take up Westly's kind offer.

I am also pretty sure his hour rate will not be $605 either.

FYI :- Westly's migration agent number says he was first registered in 2003, the first two digits indicate this.
I used a RMA that is in Melbourne or Sydney when we were in Darwin and Ukraine, so it is no issue.

You seem to have a bit of a complicated case, so choose your advisor very care fully.

I have seen several posts on this forum ask about several migration agents and firms in the past, so it is not against the rules.
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